One of our specialties here at Mulholland Enterprises, LLC is our fuel sales. We offer alternatives to natural gas for those that don’t have access in their homes but still want to get the most for their dollar.

We offer free storage for the summer and fall until you’re ready to pick up.

We also deliver!

Delivery is available right to your driveway or placed inside of your garage for $28.50 per ton. (Some restrictions apply)


Fuel Sales

Ask about our quantity discounts by ordering entire truckloads consisting of 24 tons. Truckload sales are offered to most New England states. (Some restrictions apply)

Wood Pellets

We offer a great variety of brands such as Barefoot, New England, Allegheny, La Crete, and Energex Wood Pellets.

Coal (Anthracite)

Mined from the heart of Pennsylvania coal country, anthracite coal provides a clean and efficient burning alternative to wood products getting up to 13,000 BTUs per pound of fuel compared to cordwood, which if it’s dry, only gets up to 5,600 BTUs per pound.

One of the most attractive benefits of Anthracite Coal, is that there is no creosote buildup in the flue and chimney which in time, can become very dangerous when it starts a chimney fire.

Compressed Wood Fuel

Sometimes nicknamed the “Big Pellet,” compressed wood is simply recycled sawdust material pressed into bricksize logs. No glues or adhesives are used and they come wrapped in easy to handle sleeves.

Because the material has been kiln dried, it contains very little moisture, thus significantly reducing creosote buildup in chimneys while adding safety.

Propane Fill Station

Our propane fill station has added a level of service to our customers that has been much appreciated.